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You Asked, We Answered: Styling Q&A

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The other day, we took to our Instagram story to ask you guys if you had any questions about styling and for us to offer our styling tips and tricks. We're definitely not styling experts, but being around shoes 24/7 and creating photoshoot concepts and looks, has helped us to develop a certain level of fashion knowledge. Below are the questions you asked, and our answers:

"How do you make sneakers look fashionable?"

Sneakers may just be our all time favorite shoe option. That's why it's important to be able to not only dress them down, but dress them up. First, it depends on the sneaker. For a glitzy slip-on we recommend pairing it with a skirt or a dress. Adding extra girly details make the sneaker appear to flow more cohesively with the outfit. For a more athletic looking sneaker, we recommend a leather jacket and jeans to give a relaxed vibe to an edgy outfit. Lastly, for almost all sneaker styles, you can never go wrong with socks that poke out to add some personality.


"What's a good basic that could be an everyday go to?"

A slip on sneaker is always a great choice for an everyday basic shoe. The best part about them is that they can be worn year round, with jeans, dresses, or skirts. No matter the weather, it's never too hot or cold for them. When in doubt, they're our favorite option because they can always look cool. We have quite a few slip on sneakers that you can find right here.

"How do you style furry slides?"

We definitely recommend keeping the outfit as basic as possible. The shoe is definitely already a statement within itself, so it's important that the outfit doesn't get too crazy and take away from that. We also know people love to pair socks and sandals, but we wouldn't recommend this on a fur slide. Even an athleisure look can pair perfectly with her furry slides. 

For further styling questions (or any general questions), you can always DM us on Instagram @shopkidsshoes, or message us at our Facebook page

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