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Under the Sea

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We all love the water on a hot summer day. It's undeniably the best feeling to go for a swim whether the pool, the ocean or even run into the sprinklers. Not only is it refreshing, but it's also fun for the kids to swim and imagine to be creatures of the sea. But wouldn't it be cool if they could channel their mermaid energy on land? With our under the sea styles, they can. 

1. Camille Shell Sandal 

This adorable sandal comes in toddler sizes 5-13. Our favorite part about it is definitely its shell and starfish detail on the top, along with it's subtle encouraging montra on the inner strap "Be Yourself". Its bright summery colors make it the perfect match for any outfit. 

2. Camille Mermaid Twin Gore

This shoe takes slip on sneaker to new heights. She'll feel like she rules the land and the sea with these bright and shining kicks. And of course we can't forget the fin detail on the back. Available in toddler sizes 5-13. 

3. Camille Wide Strap Sneaker

The ultimate under the sea shoe, is without a doubt the Camille Wide Strap Sneaker. Adorned with a starfish on the strap and insane sequins, she'll sparkle like the scales of a mermaids tale. Available in toddler sizes 5-13.

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