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This fall is not just about any regular boot. It's all about combat boots. However, they are coming back in a major way. We all know combat boots can be pretty plain and less girly than other boots. However, this year's combat craze features quilted uppers, satin laces, studs and so much more. 

Here are this year's coolest combat boots:

1. The Lacey Lug 

We know this boot will quickly become her new favorite. It has an added coin purse attached to the side to hold little surprises for later. Satin laces give a girly little touch. However, these combat boots are still simple enough to match all her outfits. Let her pair them with dresses to add a little flair to her style. 


2. Polly Sophia Chunky

You may have seen this cool boot already all over our social media. It's the perfect boot for any glam girl, trying to find a balance between girly and rock star. The ombre glitter makes this shoe unmissable. 

3. Jess Paddy Star

This laced up bootie has lots of hooks so she can feel fastened up and ready for a long day at school, going to mall or hanging out with friends. The subtle star quilted detail makes these stand out from your average combat boot. They have plenty of extra padding for additional comfort.

4. The Dahlia Pearl

We are obsessed with this perfect basic boot. This shoe is adorned with little MK floral ornaments on the tongue to add a subtle girly element. Lace them up and keep her secure through all day wear. They're casual enough to wear often with any outfit or pair them with dresses and skirts to help make one of her favorite looks a little more edgy. 

To join the combat boot craze, click here!

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