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Too Cool for School

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With the end of school approaching, that means it's time for camp. Whether they go away to camp or just spend the day away from home, we know it's hard to know just how they should dress. Camp is full of so many different activities, how should one dress their kids? Good thing we've developed the ultimate camp shoe guide to dress them for everyday, without breaking the bank. 

1. Kendall Flower Flip Flop

This simple flip flop is adorable and light weight. It'll be easy for them to wear on pool days and even get wet or muddy because it'll wash right off these foam bottoms. For only $14.90 they're the perfect camp flip flop. 

2. Eli Glow

The Eli Glow is the ultimate summer slide. Its lightweight, faux leather, and is super easy to slip on and off for quick on-the-go moments. They're stylish and simple, which is optimal for wearing to camp.

3. Reece Jacob

This basic white sneaker provides comfort and support for a long day of walking and playing. They'll match with any outfit, and are a great style staple for summer and even year round. 

4. Bold Rush

We love this shimmery sneaker. Its padded collar gives great ankle support for sporty activities at camp like kickball. It's also super stylish for casual days when they just want to dress up their outfit.

5. Mandy Flip Flop 

This basic flip flop is perfect for hot summer days. The ideal shoe for pool days and traveling to amusement parks. They're comfortable and stylish for all summer long wear. 

6. The Spotty Sport

A KidsShoes exclusive sneaker complete with patented cushion action flex technology to keep their feet comfortable and supported throughout a long day under the sun. This awesome shoe comes with an exclusive KidsShoes drawstring bag, ideal for bringing along to camp.

Be sure to check out our entire camp collection here!

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