Tips to make homework fun!

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Let's face it...Back-To-School is exciting, but back-to-homework...sometimes not so much! We have put together a list of ways to make homework more FUN for you and your kid!
1. Set up an awesome work space!
Decorate a little area that is like a fun "office" for your kid. You don't need a lot of space for this. This should just be a small area that is THEIRS and has all of their supplies. Let your kid help in the decorating process. Your kid will love to be there and it will help make doing homework more fun!
2. Ticket Winner
Kids LOVE tickets at the fair, at the carnival, and frankly anywhere. Let's face it, tickets=prizes, right? Buy a roll of tickets (like the ones they get at the arcade), and give your kid a ticket for each completed assignment. At the end of the week, let your kid "cash in" their tickets they earned. It could be for a small toy, for their choice of a movie during "family movie night", or their choice of desert! Have fun with it!
3. Earn Tech Time
Kids love iPads, DVDs and anything tech...BUT have them earn their tech time by completing their homework. For each assignment they finish, reward them with a 5-10 minute "game break" on the family iPad!
We hope these tips are helpful as you start the school year!

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