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Hard to imagine anyone could've help to predict that by March 2020, we'd have to be sequestered to our home offices and couches because of a virus. Luckily enough for us over at, our company has made it very easy to modernize and take steps to learn the most efficient ways of working from home, long before Corona. I know this isn't the case for everyone, but for those we can help, we'd love to spread a little wisdom and make working from home, WITH your children home as well, a walk in the park (the kind you wish you could take right now).

The first step is making sure you have a secure wifi connection and at least a laptop if your company could not provide you with a desktop computer. One monitor along with a laptop would be helpful if you already had, or needed to get one. All you need is an HDMI chord to connect the two together to create more workspace. 

The second step would be developing an efficient way to stay connected with coworkers at a moments notice. We suggest using slack, google chat rooms and also zoom messaging.

Speaking of zoom, the third step would be to make sure you have an account with a video calling platform. Zoom is an amazing tech company who's put phone calls, video calls and instant messaging on one platform to make any type of work meeting more instantaneous and easy.

To move away from distractions from within the house as best as possible, try listening to a podcast, keeping the news at a low volume, or listening to music. It can help to get you away from thinking about preparing for dinner, about what you have to clean within the house, and also minimize conversation between yourself and family members during work hours. 

Obviously, these are some pretty basic steps some of you may already be familiarized with, however it's always best to stay prepared and know as much as you can before conditions become more drastic!

Stay safe. XOXO,

The Team

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