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Tips for Traveling with Kids for Spring Break

March 22nd, 2017
Spring Break is all about family time, fun in the sun and creating happy memories...once you get there! But let's be honest, traveling with young kids is not always the easiest! From crying fits, to boredom, to intolerant other passengers, traveling on planes, trains and automobiles with kids puts the STRESS in STRESSFUL!
We have put together our best tips for traveling with kids:
1. Pre-load your iPad with your kid's favorite movies, games and shows
2. Pack mess-free snacks (preferably ones that are not loaded with sugar)
3. Always pack a pair of sneakers or comfy shoes in case you and your kid need to run through the airport to catch a connecting flight
4. Pack books to read to your kid. Old school fun never goes out of style
5. Make sure to pack all of your kid's comfort toys so that they feel right at home even while traveling!
We hope you have a happy and safe Spring Break! And of course don't forget to pack your kid's most fabulous shoes!
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