Tips for promoting healthy eating for you kid

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Getting your kid to eat anything healthy can be say the least! We have all struggled with this task, but we have put together a list of tips to help promote healthy eating (hold the side of tantrum)
TIP #1: Have your kid participate in preparing the meal
If your kid is involved in cooking the meal for the whole family, they will be more interested in eating it. They will feel proud of what they have accomplished and will happily eat their creation that they worked so hard on!
TIP #2: Have fun with healthy foods!
Presentation can go a LONG way with kids! Make a berry smiley face, create a car made out of vegetables, go crazy! Your kid will be so excited they will forget that they are eating healthy foods! Make it fun for them!
TIP #3: Sprinkle a little sugar
Sugar is not the enemy! If your kid does not like carrots, sprinkle a little brown sugar on them. It's what we like to call: Sweetening the deal!
Happy Eating! Healthy Kids!

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