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The Sneaker of the Summer

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We're so excited to share the optimal sneaker for summer. They are our very own KidsShoes sneakers and they're all $15. Each is complete with patented extra cushioning action flex technology, and they're exclusive to us. They come in a multitude of different styles for including colors and even one leopard print. They're amazing for camp, playing outside, traveling, going to amusement parks, and all all their other favorite summer activities. They're also really easy to get on and off and have a great range of styles from toddler to youth. Below are all our KidsShoes sneakers:

The Spotty Sport

This boys sneaker is great for playing outside on the playground or even playing sports. It comes in toddler 11, all the way up to a youth 3. The velcro hook and loop strap gives them added support to stay strapped in without those pesky laces getting in the way.

The Spotty Fly

This girls sneaker has got the same added comfort as all the other shoes, but it comes in two adorable colors, pink and purple. It's available in sizes toddler 5 up to youth 3.

The Spotty Sport Fly 

This boys sneaker is very similar to the Spotty Sport, but instead of being two tone it's all one color. This sneaker also ranges from toddler 5 up to a youth 3.

The Spotty Sporty

For a little added extra detail, the Spotty Sporty is complete with leopard print to brighten up a plain black sneaker. This sneaker is available in toddler 5 up to a youth 3.

Every KidsShoes sneaker from our exclusive collection comes complete with a special KidsShoes drawstring bag! Shop the collection here.

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