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We know we don’t really touch on it too often here at, but how could we ever forget our boys styles! With the launch of our exciting new brand Andrew Charles by Andy Hilfiger today, we wanted to take time to shout out our favorite boys styles for your little man. Our entire boys collection is complete with sneakers, dress shoes and sandals so he’s ready for anything and everything. From his first steps to his most important occasions, we’ve got him covered every step of the way (literally). Keep reading to see our favorite boys styles:

Paw Patrol DIY Shoes

For a Nickelodeon lover, we have the best shoe for them. Our DIY Paw Patrol shoe is now just $14! Allow them to unleash their inner creative artist, color in their shoes, wash them and start over, day after day! They’ll love having their favorite character on their shoe.


His new warm weather go-to. This sandal has great adjustable straps for a custom fit feel. The padded footbed will make for a comfortable fit for all day wear. We love the discrete inner camo bottom of the shoe for an added boyish detail he will enjoy.

Aqua Slide

The perfect slide for your little guy! He’ll love the camo print and how comfortable they are. No need to be worried that he gets them wet or muddy. These rubber shoes can handle any mess he may make in them. They also come in toddler sizes as well.


This shoe screams rock star! We know he’ll love how it resembles his favorite muscle car. This style brings us all the best trends- faux leather, red and flames! Elasticated laces make this shoe so easy to put on and take off when on the go!


This shoe might be one of our personal favorites! The knit sneaker appearance is all the rage right now and they’re topped off with a checkerboard lace for some extra flair. We love the subtle black tab with an AC marking and the signature star that goes with it. This is a great youth option for your older boy. We recommend dressing down a button shirt with these for a sophisticated look.

To check out the entire boys collection, click here!


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