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As many of our kids know, March 14th is popularly known as Pi Day in school’s across the country. In math, the Greek symbol, is short hand for the number 3.14, having to do with the circumference and diameter of a circle. Math teachers have loved turning March 14th into a fun day in school where pi, is celebrated. Most teachers bring in specifically pie, but also bring in other circular treats and create fun crafts for the kids to do in class. So if you’re little one needs to bring in a treat on March 14th, here are 3 great treats that are easier than pie.

What’s just as great as a pie itself? Pie fries. They’re cut up pie crusts perfect for dipping in whatever your sweet of choice may be. Here’s how to make them.

Even better than a pie you can dip? A pie you can hold in the palm of your hand. For these little lemon pies, all you need is a microwave. Click here to bring in this adorable treat that’s sure to have plenty of leftovers for the family.

And if you and your little one aren’t really into pie, or having to make one, here’s our personal favorite option. Apple pie cookies. The great taste of apple pie in a bite size form. They’re as easy to eat as they are to make.

And if you're looking for some Spring slides that are just as sweet as pie, we've got you covered here

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