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Our Favorite Camp Activities

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It's almost that time again for your little ones to spend their days in the summer sun. If they go away to camp, you know what its like to get letters all about their favorite things they did at camp. Even if they go to day camp, you know they always come home excited to tell you about the days events. However, not everyone goes to camp. Luckily here at, we wanted to share some of our favorite activities for the summertime that will make home feel like they're at camp. 

Tie Dying Shirts 

Believe it or not, tie dying shirts is an easier task than one might think. You can easily purchase a tie dye kit from a nearby crafts store, set up the backyard on a nice sunny day and make an awesome new shirt. 

Create a Garden

Whether it's an vegetable garden or nature garden, caring for either bugs like a caterpillar or plants will help teach kids responsibility and also provide them with a daily activity to look forward to. 

Bracelet Making

One of the best parts about camp are the crafts, especially making friendship bracelets. Beaded bracelets are a hassle free activity that's easy and fun for any kid. 

Water Activities

On hot days it's great if you have a pool, but if you don't, you can create make shift water games out of sprinklers, hoses and slip n' slides to try and stay cool and have fun with either siblings, neighbors or best friends. 


Lastly, actual camping out can be a fun activity too. If you and your kids aren't into traveling to the woods, you can have just as much fun camping in your backyard. They can invite their friends and have a fun night pretending to be in the wilderness.

Whether you're having fun at home this summer or spending your time at camp, check out our camp ready collection of shoes to make packing easier this summer. 


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