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We know each year it can be a struggle to find, and stick to a new resolution. Most involve starting a new diet, steps to being more successful, or being generally happier. This year, we came up with a few ways to get your kids involved in the importance of simple new year's resolutions. Here are a few of our favorites: 

1. Positive reinforcement for eating healthier

Encouraging them to drink more water instead of soda is a good idea. It teaches them to do more of something good, instead of focusing on doing less of something bad. 

2. Joining a sports team

If you notice your little one too involved in video games and sitting inside, perhaps suggest them joining a sports team. It's a great way to exercise and even to make friends.

3. Encouraging good behavior through good deeds

Instead of trying to enforce discipline upon them through chores, it's a good idea to suggest performing an act of kindness like holding the door open for someone. This teaches them to become more self aware and help others. It will also instill discipline in a new way.

4. Spending more time as a family

Even with little ones, we know it can get hectic when they are constantly are asking to hang out with friends or spending all day at school. Create a designated night to spend as a family and suggest watching movies, doing arts and crafts, or playing games.

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