Our Favorite Toddler Shoes: Dressing a Toddler Made Easy

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(photo by: @simplystph in our ice cream sneaker


Shopping for a toddler can be so much fun until your tot tells you they don't want to wear what you think is the most adorable outfit. Dressing babies is so much more fun and  definitely easy because they have no say but... dressing toddlers can cause your mornings to be hectic and result in your little one wearing rain boots, a tutu, and a pajama top because that's just what they're into! 


Let's face it, we can't control their big personalities, adorable smiles, and "please mommy" puppy faces that makes us want to give in. What we can control is providing them with some cute and spunky shoes to make their crazy requested outfits that much cuter!


Check out the adorable shoes below that are toddler approved! 



Sydney Jordyn Flamingo Twin Gore 

Velvet and bright with textured feathers for her.


Sydney Jordyn Smiley Low 

The adorable smiley face sneakers are perfect for your silly goose



Gold glitter heart sneakers to match her crown and tutu


We hope you enjoyed our picks find more  here

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