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One of our favorite brands at is Katy Perry. The unique designs and intricate details on each of the shoes are what make them a definite favorite. One of the most fun patterns for Katy Perry is the junk food print. Complete with hotdogs, fries, hamburgers and shakes, it's every little kids dream shoe. This makes sense for the Katy Perry Brand, because any true Katy Cat knows, Katy is highly obsessed with cheeseburgers and her music videos are always of sweets like ice cream. Through this junk food inspiration we've designed the Junk Food Sneaker and Junk Food Slide for two types of everyday style.

The Junk Food Sneaker

Perfect for spicing up any basic outfit. It's great for daily wear with it's comfortable sole and secure fit. It also comes in a baby sneaker as well.

The Junk Food Slide

This slide is our newest addition to the junk food print. They're made easy for slipping on and off when she's on the go! Take them to the beach, the park, or even walking around the house. 

Check out the entire Katy Perry Collection here!

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