National Measure Your Feet Day!

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We'd like to think today is a very important day for all the shoe lovers out there! Buying shoes are what make all of our readers happy but we also know the frustration that can come with getting the right size. We want to share with you importance of measuring your child's foot. Keep reading to find out our tips for getting the correct measurement. 

TIP 1.

When measuring you child's foot be sure that they are standing up with their foot flat and firm to the floor. Measure from the heel of the foot to the longest toe. This will ensure there'e plenty of room for their tiny toes! 

TIP 2.  

Kids feet grow fast! Don't want to wait too long before buying your kid a new pair of shoes. We know that may sound expensive but the long-term effects of wearing shoes that are too small are far more expensive in the long run. We recommend buying your child a new pair of shoes every 6 months. 


Your kids should find comfort in the shoes from the first day they wear them. It is very important to listen if your child complains about a shoe that hurts. They may be a size 10 in one brand but sizes can vary on style, brand, materials, and more. If the shoe is uncomfortable from the moment they try on we recommend sizing up or picking a different shoe. 


We hope these tips are helpful! Time to measure and shop for the best kid's shoes! 




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