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National Crayon Day

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March 31st is not only the day before April begins, but it’s also National Crayon Day! Crayola itself was invented back in 1903 by Binney and Smith, however crayons have been used for centuries in many pieces by famous artists. Today, your kids love using crayons at home, in school and with friends. Besides them picking up those crayons and coloring away, we want to help celebrate the best way we know how, by sharing our most colorful shoes.

The Rainbow Kitty represents all things rainbow. When you can’t choose just one color, why not have them all.


The Dazzler combines rainbow and shine to give your girl the best of both worlds. She’ll shine bright like the little artist she is in her favorite new flats.


The Raya Glitter is all about multicolor and sequins! She can let her creativity shine through by going from silver to rainbow in seconds with these cool reversible sequins.


Our Jawbreaker Slide is even more fun and colorful than anything she could’ve created with her crayons!


Shop all of our colorful looks today, just in time for National Crayon Day and the warmer weather!

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