Last Minute DIY V-Day Treats

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Whether you got called on this year to bring in treats for school or you’re just looking for some enjoyable treats, we have some pretty awesome recipes to share. Not only are they sweet and yummy but they were specifically picked for the last-minute DIY mommas out there. These recipes shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes to make. Enjoy and be sure to share with us!

Pretty Popcorn

Pop your own popcorn, or if you’re under a time crunch, purchase a bag of popcorn. Pour heart-shaped red and pink sprinkles on top. If you have a little extra time add some vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry drizzle. Pack it up in valentine themed paper cups or sandwich bags.

Rice Krispies Cupcakes 

Follow the traditional Rice Krispies and marshmallow treat recipe. Add in food coloring to make your treat pink. Divide the Rice Krispies batch into a muffin/cupcake tray and let cool. Top with icing, heart candies, and enjoy!

Talking Teddy Grahams

Purchase a pack of Teddy Grahams (any flavor) and stick on conversation heart candies to each teddy with icing. This recipe is simple, cute, and allows you to snack on more than one.

Cupid Arrow Pretzels

This treat idea is probably our favorite because it only calls for two ingredients. All that’s needed are pretzel sticks and heart gummies. Poke a small hole in the top of the heart and stick the pretzel through. On the other side cut out a “V” shape section from the heart candy to create the feathered end. Not only will you be done in 5 minutes but hardly any mess is left behind.


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