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This back to school shopping season, we invited some of our favorite bloggers to answer some questions to give us a little insight into their lives. Back to School season can be significantly different for each person, especially bloggers. We're lucky enough to have had Suchitra, creator of @fabzlist and answer some questions regarding how becoming a blogger has changed the back to school season for her and her daughter.

How has Back to School season changed for you, since becoming a blogger? 

After starting Fabzlist, I keep a close watch on seasonal trends that are affordable and practical for kids. I try to hunt for the best deals for on-trend items and plan my back to school shopping better. In short, I have become a more savvy and smart shopper. Being a blogger, I also get to know about some new and useful back to school products and I get to share all this through my blog and social media platforms!

What’s the most important part of Back to School shopping?

I would say, to start with, its better to stay organized with your shopping! 

One, making the check list for both Back to school clothing and supplies separately for each of your kids. Second, plan a budget for shopping for each kid. This would be a good road map to ease your shopping stress a little.

Has back to school shopping become easier with the help of brands offering more product? Or more stressful?

Its definitely good to have more brands and options when it comes to shopping. But it can overwhelm you, if you don't plan your shopping, especially when your kids accompany you. They do tend to get carried away by all the choices (haha)!

Doing some research online, on prices and brand reviews, ahead of shopping has helped me with choosing the right brands!

How would you rate our website based on the availability and range of styles for Back to school?

I would rate it a 4.5, I am not giving a full 5 star, just because, I couldn't find my daughter size for a shoe that I liked! 

I think the best part about is the ease of shopping at the convenience of home, with my girl and getting to choose from an exclusive collection of trendy Designer footwear at such affordable prices!! The Back to School range is really trendy! I was able to score a few unique & stylish designer hi-top sneakers for my daughter at some great prices!

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