Create Your Own Valentine's Day Cards With Your Kids

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Special holidays call for arts and crafts. Doesn’t drawing hearts and eating candy with your kids sound like fun? Skip out on the store-bought Valentine’s cards this year and go for a do-it-yourself version. We’ve got a few cute examples of DIY Valentine’s Cards below for both boys and girls, but we would love to see what you and your little come up with!


Let your kid's friends know how KOOL they are with KoolAid singles. Pick a flavor of your liking and add the juice packet to a piece of construction paper. Use stencils or write your Valentine's note.


Pick up a case of Valentine’s Day themed pencils (often found in dollar stores or the Target dollar section). Let your kid carefully cut out paper hearts. Add a slit for the pencil, a sweet note, and voila - you’re done!


Let your son show his appreciation to his pals with these fun Dino-mite Valentine's Day cards. The dinosaurs could be swapped out for other toys your kid is currently obsessing over. Pick your favorite Valentine's Day phrase and print it out on card stock. Finish off the project by either hot gluing or tying the figurines to the cards.

This last one is quick and easy and works well as a last-minute DIY. Pick up some Valentine's Day donut holes (or if you have time make your own donuts). Download a cute donut printable. Lastly, wrap up in clear cellophane bags and tie with colored ribbon of your choice! 


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