How to Style Statement Sneakers

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One of our favorite things about our kids is the fact that they’re fearless. This usually includes their style. No matter what style your kid is into, chances are they own at least one pair of pretty crazy shoes. You might have always wondered when they would ever be able to wear something so unique. Luckily we have some tips for you to help them style some of their boldest shoes.
Though it may seem self-explanatory, denim goes with everything. However, this doesn’t mean sticking to jeans. Amp up her style with denim skirts, jackets and even dresses. Pairing it with her statements sneakers will definitely make her stand out.


Socks are usually a really easy way to style a statement shoe. Pick a color that matches, or one in the same color family, to wear. Pairing it with a trendy dress or skirt will bring more focus to the feet.
Focusing on one or two colors in the shoe and incorporating them in the outfit, tends to make everything match more nicely. If there’s gold or silver in the shoe and she owns these colors, go for this look. Wearing specific colors in her outfit will make them stand out much more in the shoe itself.
Lastly, keep it simple. Try styling one step at a time. Doing too much with a shoe that already speaks for itself can ruin your outfit.
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