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How to Style Fall Booties

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We're so excited that fall is finally almost here! One of our personal favorite parts about fall besides getting to wear a variety of cool boots, is how we style them! We love sharing our tips and tricks to help make your kids constantly look their best. Here's how we style our fall boots:

1. With high socks

When pairing boots/booties with a skirt, dress or cropped jeans, you might want to add a little extra flair, especially if wearing a plain bootie. Colorful socks can add a pop of color to a darker outfit, and patterned socks can add a fun element. If your little one wishes she had taller boots, knee high socks with booties can even give the appearance of a higher boot from far away. Not to mention, all this extra layering, is not only stylish but will also keep them warm.

2. Dresses

Since booties can either be casual or fancy, depending on what you pair them with makes all the difference. For beautiful dainty booties, pair them with a dress to make the look complete for any fall occasion. For combat boots, pairing them with a dress can put an edgy spin on an otherwise girly outfit. 

3. Tucked in denim

A lot of kids struggle with their denim either bunching up on top of their boots, or rolling them too many times so they look silly. Now, you can easily tuck their denim into their boots by putting on the jeans, then pulling a pair of ankle socks up and over the denim. Now their foot will slide in with ease and the jean will stay tucked all day long! 

4. Lastly, just have fun!

Kids can't be kids, or even learn their own personal style, without having some fun. Allow them to dress themselves and see how they'd wear there favorite pair of booties.

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