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Get Ready for Halloween

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Halloween is less than 2 weeks away and although costumes are the #1 thing on everyone's mind, there's a lot of ways to get in the spooky spirit leading up to Halloween. We're sharing our favorite crafts that you can easily do at home, with the kids, before Halloween day. 

Carving a Jack-O-Lantern

This first one may seem like common sense to do, but carving a pumpkin can be easily forgotten about, especially when a pumpkin is just as festive without being carved. The best part is the extra activity that comes out of pumpkin carving-making seasoned pumpkin seeds. These are always a healthy and delicious snack for the kids!

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Paper Plate Ghosts:

Make adorable hanging ghost decorations using paper plates, and confetti strands. It's an easy enough craft for the whole family! Just grab some black construction paper to cut out for eyes and a mouth, glue onto a paper plate and add some festive white tissue. Once you punch a hole in the top and add some string, it's as easy as hanging on a wall or from the ceiling for some extra spooky appeal.


Frankenstein Cookies: 

Snacks are always a hit for any holiday, so why not make some cookies with fun decorative detail. And what's better than letting the kids use green food coloring to make these Instagram worthy cookies. We've got the recipe here.

Halloween Bingo

If you've got a couple of neighbors or friends who are into games, invite them over for a game with the kids. Halloween Bingo is an awesome game to get in the spirit of Halloween. Use candy corn as bingo place holders for a sweet treat when the game is over. Here are the instructions

Halloween Bingo Game Boards

Egg Carton Bats:

This is arguably the cutest decoration you could have in your home. The kids will have so much fun making them and it's a great way to recycle something from around the house. Just spray paint or brush paint the cut up egg carton pieces black, add some string and googley eyes and you're all done. 

Bats from Egg Cartons

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