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Aside from the 4th of July, Flag Day is a great day to celebrate America! Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the US flag! Besides hanging one outside, there's some fun DIY projects you and your little ones can do to celebrate the day, and then recycle them again soon for the 4th! Keep reading to see our favorite quick and easy crafts!

Make a Patriotic Pin Wheel

This little craft is something you can leave up all summer long! Plus, it's fun and easy to make. No mess required.

Bake Star Cookies

Who wouldn't love to make a delicious treat to bring to school and share with the class while they learn about Flag Day? They can make these star shaped cookies to sport their independence. 

Bead Patriotic Bracelets

This is a fun craft to do with friends! Invite some over and have them and their kids make red white and blue bracelets in honor of the occasion. Keep them to have the perfect accessories for the 4th of July as well.

Craft Stick American Flag

These are super easy to make but require a little more time and creativity. You can either go buy colored sticks or paint your own Popsicle sticks and glue them together to make a mock flag. They can then either be displayed in the house or stuck into the front lawn! 

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