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The winter games have begun, and we are so eager to watch Team USA compete. This year the games take place in PyeongChang, South Korea, and there are so many athletes we are hoping to come home with a gold medal. Watching the games is exciting and for some families it's a tradition. We think that watching the games with your kids would be great for a very specific message. Let the Olympics be a message to inspire them that they can be whatever they aspire to be.  


Many of these athletes have started learning and perfecting the sport they are competing in at young ages. Snowboarder, Chloe Kim began snowboarding at just 4 years old. Now at the age of 17 she has made her way to be one of the youngest competitors at the Olympics this year. With the support of her parents, Chloe could practice with the best and compete in multiple competitions. The 17-year old’s father quit his job to make his daughter’s dream a reality. While many of our parents may not have been able to do that, it’s important to provide your child with the support they need to follow their dreams.


Here are just a few small ways to encourage your children.

  1. Talk about their interest and hobbies

From a very young age kids know what they like and don’t like. We know what they don’t like from as young as when they begin eating solids and make a sour face to a particular food. As parents, we see them make that sour face and still try to feed it to them with hopes they’ll adjust. Sometimes we do the same thing with choosing hobbies and extra-circular activities for them. Instead of putting them in activities we think they’ll be good at, try and get a feel of what your child is interested in.

Avoid Controlling

Do you often ask your child for help and realize you end up saying “I’ll just do it” because it’s taking them too long? That can often be discouraging to kids. Try allowing them to do a specific task without having to take control over. Such a small act will make them feel trusted and confident.

Offer Praise

Kids often want to please their parents. The next time they hit the winning home run or went to the potty on their own show praise. 

Lead By Example

We are our child’s most impactful teacher and for that we must lead by example. Set goals and show your kids how you stick to them. Show them you follow your dreams and hobbies. These are things that can’t be taught in a classroom and will make a long-lasting impression.

Practice Makes Perfect

Explain to your children (no matter what age) that practice makes perfect. These athletes didn’t make it to where they are without any falls or bruises. Teach them that persistence and self-confidence are important to success.


 We hope you enjoyed are tips. Now let the winter games begin!

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