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Different ways to decorate Easter Eggs!

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April 3rd, 2017

With Easter right around the corner, not only do we have the PERFECT Bunny Shoes just in time for the festive holiday, but we also have some great ideas for how to decorate your Easter eggs this year!

Grab a glue gun, some paint and some fun supplies and you are good to go! For all of the ideas below, dip dye your eggs to your desired base color and then HAVE FUN and GO NUTS!

1. Splatter paint Eggs! A little paint goes a long way! Take your dipped egg and put it in an empty shoe box without the lid (make sure you use a shoe box you don't want anymore)! Next dip a paint brush in washable paint and flick the brush above the egg causing the paint to splatter onto the egg! There is no wrong way to do it!

2. Bling Eggs! Grab a glue gun and some gem stones and make your eggs SPARKLE! You can never have enough BLING!

3. Glitter eggs! Paint on elmer's glue in any pattern or shape you want, and carefully sprinkle glitter over your egg. Once you shake off your egg, you will be amazed at how gorgeous it looks!

4. Cotton Tail Bunny Eggs! Because Easter wouldn't be the same without a little bunny, cotton balls make the perfect accessory to create a bunny egg! Simply take a glue gun and glue a cotton ball to the back of the egg creating a cotton tail. Next, grab some washable paint and a pain brush and paint on an adorable little bunny face!

We can't wait to see your gorgeous egg creations! And don't forget to shop the cutest shoe styles for Easter exclusively at!



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