Coping with Back-To-School Stress for your Kid

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Back-To-School is a FUN and EXCITING time for kids, but it also can be stressful for them! Our kids can't wait to see their friends after a long Summer, and they are excited to wear their new outfits and sport their new shoes. However stresses like:
* Who will my new teacher be?
* Will my homework be hard?
* Will my friends be the same after a long Summer?
The list goes on!
As parents, we want to ease their stress. Here are some easy steps to help make the transition for Back-To-School a little more stress-free:
1. Create a Routine
Stay organized, make a schedule and stick to it. Set times for family breakfast, brushing teeth, packing for school and stick to your schedule! Kids feel more comfortable when they have a schedule and routine to follow.
2. Stay Positive
Parents' attitudes have a strong influence on your kids' attitudes. They can sense when adults are happy, anxious, worried, excited. It is important to have a good attitude about Back-To-School, and your kid will follow suit!
3. Invent fun traditions
Make Back-To-School traditions FUN! Some fun ideas are:
- A family bonfire the night before Back-To-School where everyone talks about what they are looking forward to about the school year, and what causes them to worry.
- A fun shopping trip for school supplies, followed by a trip to their favorite restaurant for a milk shake where they can talk about the school year and which classes they are excited for
To help make Back-To-School that much sweeter, we are offering a free pair of sneakers with every full priced purchase right now! Happy Shopping!

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