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CHOOZE Spotlight: Uplift Hue

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Last week we launched our newest brand, CHOOZE. Made with individuality and color in mind, each shoe is purposely mismatched to encourage kids to be different! 

One of our personal favorite styles in the spotlight this week is the Uplift Hue. This black high top is complete with rainbow circles on one foot and rainbow hearts on the other. The pattern wraps around the back and sides to give exciting detail to this typical black high top. 

Their comfort and breathability are ideal for your kids to spend the day in them for school, or even run wild on the playground. As most of our high tops do, they have an easy zip closure for slipping on and off. 

One of the most exciting parts about the CHOOZE brand are that some of the prints come in apparel like leggings and hoodies, as well as the newest addition of... backpacks!

The backpack-hue is ultimate backpack for all your back to school needs. It's complete with so many awesome pockets AND it's reversible! One side is rainbow circles and the other other is rainbow hearts, just like its matching high tops. 

Make sure to check out all of CHOOZE shoes here, and to see their clothing and accessories as well, click here.

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