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To celebrate the launch of our newest brand CHOOZE, we want to share some of the things we admire most about the brand. CHOOZE was created with colors and creativity in mind. The following 6 key features definitely make them stand out from other brands. 

1. Creativity: CHOOZE shoes are creatively coordinated so that each pair is empowers kids to express themselves and to be different! They take extreme pride in creating products kids will love and promote their "natural development." 

2. Flexible: CHOOZE shoes come complete with 4-way stretch performance materials to make running, jumping, and playing easier on your kids! 

3. Lightweight: These shoes are so lightweight, they'll want to spend day AND night in CHOOZE! And now, with so many cute styles, from sneakers, to mary-janes, to boots, they can!

4. Breathable: These padded insoles are a parents dream! Your kids can be comfy all day, and their feet will be smell free. No sweat, no fuss. 

5. Washable: CHOOZE shoes are WASHABLE! Just add some detergent to a gentle load, and let them dry in direct sunlight. Now if they get wet, muddy or scuffed up, fixing them is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

6. Vegan: Lastly, CHOOZE is all about being animal-free! What's better than that?

Check out all these CHOOZE key features for yourself by buying a pair now! Shop the entire collection here!

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