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Born: Key Features

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Here at, Born is a very important brand, that stands out amongst the rest. Born is important because of its key features. For those who didn't know Born was made for babies ready to advance to the next step (no pun intended). These walking shoes are perfect for their first steps. 4 key features help to make Born the best baby shoes around:

1. Rounded Toe and Durable Outsole

Born shoes are complete with rounded toe boxes. Some may be confused as to why, but it's actually proven that a rounded toe gives kids more support by their toes when they're learning to walk. 

2. Non-Slip Outsoles

Pretty self explanatory but these bottoms are non-slip to protect your little ones during those crucial moments when they go from standing to taking those first steps. 

3. Adjustable/ Easy On and Off Closure

Most Born shoes are either adjustable to easily slip on and off or have a side zip closure so there's never a hard time getting your little one dressed and ready for the day.

4. Memory Foam Footbeds

The comfortable memory foam footbeds are the best part. Every Born shoe always takes the shape of your little ones feet so they constantly feel like they're at home walking across the rug. 

To buy a pair of Born and check them out for yourself, click here.

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