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Best-In-Class Flats

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With school approaching, we know it can be hard to find the perfect shoes for your little ones. Sneakers may seem like an obvious go-to for long days in the classroom, but if your daughter is more into glitz and glam, comfortable flats are a great option. It's important for her to feel and look her best at school, so she goes into each day with confidence. This week we're sharing our favorite flats so she can start each day off on the right foot!

1. Felicia Ballet 

Our Felicia Ballets have been a staple for a while now. They're the easiest shoe for her to slip on and off with ease, and comfortable enough that she'll feel like she's walking on air. Our toddler version comes with a small strap so they always stay fastened in tight. The best part about them is that this year, they come in our most exciting pattern yet- rainbow ombre. There's no denying these are absolutely stunning.

2. Hug Kiss Flats

These Katy Perry flats are definitely a great basic for school. Although they just come in black and white, the XO detail on each toe makes them stand out, while still remaining neutral enough to pair with virtually any outfit. 

3. Amber Glitzy

These satin flats with their rhinestone encrusted bow will definitely allow her to stand out at school. They come in black for more subtle days and a stunning silver for special occasions. 

4. Tap Strappy

This flat is our personal favorite flat for school. The elastic straps make taking it on and off much easier than it seems. No need for buttons, clasps or zippers, and the straps are super comfortable. It almost gives off the appearance of a typical Maryjane, which can be worn with almost anything, from skirts, to dresses and even pants. The bow in the back is our favorite part.

5. The Whipped Cream Flat

This one we know you've seen before. It's one of our favorites from Katy Perry. The Whipped Cream flat combines the ease of a flat with fun design for your toddlers to sport some unique style. We know any little sweet tooth will fall in love with these delicious flats.

6. Felicia Esmeralda 

This flat mixes simplicity with elegance. The bow back detail and gold shimmer color will give your little girl extra sophistication. Since gold matches with almost anything, it also makes these flats a no brainer when it comes to getting them dressed in the morning.

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