Best DIY Sneakers for Summer!

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Summer is finally here, and you're probably wondering what some of the biggest trends are for kids. In the spirit of summer, (and camp), our newest favorite shoes have a lot to do with crafting! Introducing DIY shoes. Whether they come with interchangeable charms, bows or even pens to color on them, DIY shoes are all the craze this summer. Here are just a few of our favorites, straight out of your kids' favorite shows!

Julie Snap Sneaker 2

This JoJo sneaker is one she's sure to love! With mismatching bows for each foot, she'll feel just like JoJo. They clip on and off with ease. We love that they're metallic, because they can match with almost anything. Dress them up in a skirt or dress for a fun summer look! Product ImageJamie Color Twin Gore 2

If she's not into bows as much, but still loves JoJo's colorful, playful side, these color-me-in sneakers are perfect for her. Just let her use her creativity to color them all over, wash them, and star again. We love that these shoes give them the power to use their imagination and create the shoe they want.Product Image

Paiden Patch Sneaker 2

The Paiden Patch is perfect for your little one. They can wear these shoes with all the patches on evenly, all on one shoe, or completely plain. Giving them this option makes these shoes seem brand new every time they wear them. There's also a handy hook and loop strap for extra security.

Product Image

Chase Snap Sneaker

These are the ultimate summer shoes. They're completely rubber for lots of flexibility and no need to worry about them getting soaked at camp or the beach. They come with little themed snaps that can either be worn on or taken off. Let them decide and see how they like to wear their shoes best. These awesome Paw Patrol shoes also come in Skye as well. 
Product Image

To check out the complete collection of our DIY shoes, click here.

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