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Back-To-School: Survival Guide!

Getting your kid ready for the new school year does not mean having to deal with swarmed parking lots, arguing over shoes that seem like they would be more suited for a music video than English class, or spending an arm and a leg. We have put together our tips for a stress-free Back-To-School shopping experience!



TIP 1: Make a list of what your kid really needs. Make a game plan- this will avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed and will help you stick to your budget!
TIP 2: When buying shoes, use our Sizing App to guarantee the perfect fit every time. There is nothing worse that thinking you are ready for your kid to head back to school, only to find out that their new shoes don't fit! At KidsShoes.com, that is never an issue!
TIP 3: Avoid the crowds and shop online- Why deal with having to find a parking space a football field distance away from the store because the lots are jam packed? Save time and shop online. 
TIP 4: Shop for essentials first! Your kid may have some wacky but FUN ideas for their Back-To-School MUST HAVES, and we as parents love to give in! After all, it is always great to see our kids expressing themselves. But first...Go for getting the essential must-haves first, and if there is time and budget left over, spring for the fun purchases!
Happy Shopping...and remember to breathe :)
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