Back to School Q&A with blogger Shannon Koehl!

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Back to school is one of the most stressful, yet exciting times of the year. Not only is it exciting for parents, but it's exciting for us to be able to share our brand new styles and see them on your kids! We also get to work with some pretty awesome people that love sharing their opinions about our products, and sometimes, even their personal blogger story. Below, blogger @shannonkoehl answered some back to school questions and what inspired her to become a blogger. Keep reading to hear all about what she said. 

1. When did you first become a blogger and what was your inspiration?

I've always loved writing! That's how it all started for me. I also love sharing experiences with other people, good and bad, and connecting organically.
2. I know your kids are on the younger side. How do you think being a blogger will affect their future?

I don't think it will really have any effect at all on our girls. I think as they get older things will change in Social Media so often that they will be laughing at my blog posts when they're old enough!

3. How has back to school season changed for you since becoming a blogger or will it continue to change as your kids grow?

Emma hasn't gone to school yet, but I know it will change and we will be even busier when it's time!

4. What are your back to school essentials? 

Definitely a big backpack, like the CHOOZE backpack we got from you! It's perfect, colorful and sturdy enough to carry the essentials. Also, a nice lunchbox and of course all the back to school supplies!

To get your hands on the adorable flats we sent Shannon, and see the rest of the back to school collection, click here!

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