April Fool's Pranks

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Although some of you may be enjoying Easter today, it is also April Fool’s Day. We love a funny joke as much as the next person, so we’re going to share a few of our favorite pranks for you to pull on your children or the rest of your family.


  1. Draw a small spider on the toilet paper roll so when they use the bathroom in the morning, they’re in for a small surprise.


  1. Put googley eyes on all the food in fridge for a cute little surprise.


  1. Switch the bag of cereal from one box into a different one for a funky surprise for breakfast.


  1. Speaking of cereal, you can freeze their cereal in the morning to create a difficult time having breakfast.


  1. Hide some bubble wrap under the doormat and then wait for them to come back inside after they’ve been out. Watch how startled they become.


  1. Put a helium balloon under the toilet seat in the morning, then close the lid. Watch their morning bathroom visit become a little scarier than usual when you they sit down.


  1. Serve up a “delicious” desert complete with mashed potatoes and gravy for an interesting twist on a sundae.


  1. Lastly, a fun Easter themed April Fools: wrap green grapes with chocolate egg wrappers.


Happy Pranking!


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