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An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!

Fall is full of fun outdoor activities! From Hay Rides, to Pumpkin Picking, to getting lost in a corn maze...but our FAVORITE Fall activity is APPLE PICKING!
Not only is it a fun bonding activity to do with family and friends, but you also come home with bags and bags and bags....did we mention bags? of APPLES! 
Every year, we make a pie, eat a few apples every day, but we are still left with tons and tons of apples! We wanted to make a list of the best ideas of things to make with all of those left over apples! Enjoy!
1. Apple Pie...DUH
2. Candy Apples & Caramel Apples
3. Apple Crisp
4. Apple Butter
5. Apple Jelly...did someone say PB&J?!
6. Dried Apples
7. Apple Sauce
8. Apple Cider
9. Baked Apples
10. Cider Doughnuts
+1 for good luck: Apples make a great addition to any salad!
We are getting hungry just thinking about all of these yummy apple treats! Be sure to check out our "apple picking approved" sneaker styles at KidsShoes.com!

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