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American Girl’s hottest new line is WellieWishers. The five main girls, Camille, Kendall, Willa, Ashlyn, and Emerson are all best friends who demonstrate very different personalities that make them unique and relatable to each and every little girl. As some of you may know, we launched the WellieWishers by American Girl collection last Fall to create our very own shoes that match the personalities of the dolls, so your little girl can match her too. However, you may not know that much about each doll, until now.
Willa is obsessed with animals, which is why her outfit is complete with lions on her skirt, a bear t-shirt and lady bug rain boots. She’s the #1 animal advocate of her friends, and the most eager to spend time outside with them. That’s why the theme of Willa’s shoes are inspired by animals and the outdoors. Shop the Willa Fuzzy Sneaker below.


            Everything about Camille shouts mermaid. She is practically a fish on land and loves anything shiny like shells on the ocean floor. Her personality is quite relaxed, but she’s still there for her friends when they need her. We created Camille’s shoes with everything sea related in mind. Shop the Camille Wide Strap Sneaker below.


            Kendall is the artistic friend who’s always crafting new things. Her outfit includes adorable prints like polka dots, stripes and florals; the true style of a creative young girl. With Kendall’s creative style in mind, we created shoes that include key attributes about her like hand-stitched details. Shop the Kendall Ballet below.


            Ashlyn is the resident glam girl of the group. She is the most exquisitely dressed friend. She always lifts up her friends’ spirits as a true princess in training would. When making Ashlyn’s shoes, we incorporated lots of pink, glitter and butterflies. Shop the Ashlyn Glitter Ballet.


            Emerson is the show girl of the group. She’s constantly creating new dance routines to bright and cheery songs. Her outgoing personality and tutu, draw the spotlight to her wherever she goes. Emerson’s corresponding sneakers include glitter, and stars, like the shining one Emerson is on stage. Shop the Emerson Glitter Sneaker below.

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