5 Tips for Traveling with Kids

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1. DO pack devices pre-loaded up with games and apps
When traveling with kids, it pays to plan ahead! Rather than trying to figure out how to entertain your tot MID-tantrum, it helps to be ready at a moments notice prepared with their favorite games, apps and videos. Rather than packing an entire suitcase filled with all of their favorite bulky toys, smart devices allow for hours of endless entertainment in a compact and easy-to-pack solution.
2. DON'T load up on sweet snacks with tons of sugar
Everyone loves to eat junk food when traveling (guilty as charged), but do yourself a favor and pack some healthy, low-sugar snacks for your little ones. Trust me, the person sitting in front of your child on the plane will thank you if your child is not bouncing off the walls from a sugar rush.
3. DO make sure to plan according to climate
Let's face it: if your kid is uncomfortable, your kid will be fussy. So make sure to check all weather forecasts for your departure city, arrival city or lay-over city and pack accordingly. This includes making sure to pack appropriate and ADORABLE shoes for your kid from KidsShoes.com
4. DON'T let your kid pack their own bag
If your kid is anything like mine, they will want to bring every toy they own with them on their travels. This only results in heavy bags, and short tempers. Encourage your kid to be a part of the packing process but always remember, you are running the show!
5. DO encourage them to keep a travel journal
A travel journal is a fun and easy way to keep your kid engaged in the travel process. Kids can draw pictures and write about foods they try along the way, sites they visit, and makes traveling FUN!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 

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