5 Tips for Taking Great Professional Family Photos

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1. DO Plan outfits ahead of time for your tots
The last thing you want right before a family photo shoot is to try 7 different outfits on your child, only to realize you don't like how things are mixing and matching. It will end in tears, and your child may even cry too :)
Take polaroids of the final outfits days before your shoot, and list out which accessories go with which outfit. This will make for a quick and easy shoot, filled with smiles and great outfits! Here at KidsShoes.com, the shoes make the outfit! Make sure to try on full outfits with shoes before the date of your shoot.
2. DON'T plan too many scenes or outfit changes
What makes a great family portrait is your gorgeous family. It is all about the love. Variety of emotions and interaction is what your Aunt Dot wants to see, so focus on what's important! It is all about quality, not quantity when it comes to family portraits.

3. DO have fun, this shouldn't be stressful!
Photo sessions with tots can be stressful, but only if you let it! This should be a fun and memorable experience. Fun will radiate in the pictures and it's about the journey, not just the destination.

4. DON'T be embarrassed if your little one throws a fit
Professional photographers have seen it all! If you panic, it will only make it worse. So smile, breathe and let the storm pass!

5. DO choose a photographer who specializes in family portraits and is great with kids!
If you have a patient photographer who is great with kids, it will make you and your child more at ease. Create photos and memories that will last a lifetime!



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