5 Resolutions To Make With Your Kids

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2018 is right around the corner and that means it's time to make some resolutions!  Often, we see so many resolutions that are specific to adults. We came up with 5 New Year's resolutions to conquer this year that involve your children. We hope you enjoy our recommendations but most of all we hope you reach your goals this year.

1. Less TV and Social Media

2017 has been filled with parents browsing social media and children watching their favorite YouTube videos ( we are guilty too). We think 2018 should be committed to putting our phones and tablets down and having a family game night 1-2 times a week. 

2. Drink More Water 

Drinking water is never a bad thing. We know how good apple juice can be however, substituting one juice box for water is a good start to getting your children to drink more water.

3. Learn a New Skill

Find an interest that you and your child/children enjoy and set aside some time to learn something new with them. If your child is into baking, take a baking class with her/him or learn to make a special recipe from Pinterest or YouTube. Another idea could be to try learning a new language with your little one.

4. Create and Keep a Routine 

Weeknights can be crazy with homework, bath time, and cooking. At the end of the night we are pretty sure there's no time left for you. Start the new year with a routine so the kids have a bedtime curfew and you can have some spare time before bed as well. 

5. Do a Good Deed 

 Most of what your children learn comes from you (the parent) and we recommend teaching them to do a good deed. While the holidays have just passed and they have received new items it would be a good idea to instill in them that not all children are fortunate. Have your child round up their toys they no longer play with or volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen.


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