3 Last Minute Trick-Or-Treating Essentials

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October 31st, 2016
Happy Halloween!! Trick-Or-Treating is one of our favorite things in the world! Let's be honest, we have all spent weeks planning the perfect Halloween costumes for our kids, but we may not have thought about the Trick-Or-Treating essentials that are just important as the costumes!
We have put together of the Top 3 Last Minute MUST-HAVES for Trick-Or-Treating to ensure your kids have a safe and fun Halloween night!
#1: Adorable Halloween Totes: Perfect for carrying all of your kids' candy! Make sure that the totes aren't TOO BIG, otherwise they may become to heavy for your kid!
#2: Always pack a Flash Light! Safety first, and somehow tree roots seem to pop up out of nowhere!
#3: Make sure your kids have comfy shoes that are sturdy and can go the distance! Glitter sneakers not only will complete a Halloween look, but they also are comfortable and safe for hours and hours of candy collecting! Available now at KidsShoes.com!
Have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween!

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