3 Fun Outdoor Fall Activities To Do With Your Kids

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October 12th, 2016
We are all so excited for Fall primarily because of FALL FASHION...but there is more to Fall than cute shoes and sweaters (right??)
We've put together our list of fun Fall activities to do with your kid! They will remember these fun traditions forever!
1. Apple Picking followed by Baking an Apple Pie
Nothing beats spending the day with your kids picking apples, drinking cider and enjoying the crisp weather. Once you have collected more apples than you ever thought you would be able to carry, go home and bake a pie. Your kids will feel so proud that they picked the apples themselves and put them to good use!
You can even make caramel apples if you are feeling extra adventurous!
2. Pumpkin Picking followed by Pumpkin Carving
With Halloween around the corner, head to your local pumpkin patch and let your kid pick out their own pumpkin. This is such a fun tradition. When you get home, have a family pumpkin carving competition! Also don't forget to toast the pumpkin seeds! That is the best part and don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get a little messy scooping out the pumpkin!
3. Come up with an annual Family Relay Race Routine
October weather is heavenly! Soak up the Fall weather by creating a family relay race tradition! This encourages family bonding and participation by all family members! Some activities can include potato sack races, balancing an egg on a spoon and running to the finish line, ring tossing, figuring out timed puzzles and more! Go crazy! Your kids will always remember this wacky tradition!
Of course, always wear cute shoes from KidsShoes.com!

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