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KidsShoes.com The Easiest Way To Shop For Your Kid's Shoes.

Meet our Creative Director: Sarah Caplan pioneered the foldable shoe, now she’s launched the ultimate solution to buying kids shoes that actually fit.

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There’s something special about buying a brand new pair of shoes. Whether you’re a fashionista getting this season’s hottest sandal, or a streetwear lover waiting for the 7:00pm launch of a new sneaker, you can relate to the excitement of putting on your new shoes for the very first time. The same can’t be said when it comes to buying your kid a pair of shoes. In fact, buying kids shoes can be one of the most time-consuming tasks parents are faced with.

“KidsShoes.com was created with the philosophy that buying your kid new shoes should be just as exciting as it is to buy shoes for yourself.”

Kids Shoes Sarah and Aiden

 In 2015, Sarah Caplan took her 14 month old son Aiden, shoe shopping for the first time. As an entrepreneur and business woman who pioneered the foldable shoe craze, she actually looked forward to the day her son could wear real shoes. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly. Taking a 14 month old to a department store to try on different shoes from different brands isn’t a walk through the park. After two tantrums that resulted in tears and several judgmental looks from sales associates, Sarah and Aiden left the store with one pair of shoes. Confident she found her son's shoe size, (and in order to avoid future tantrums) she ordered four more pairs of shoes from her favorite website. When the shoes arrived, none of them fit. She had to request RMAs and return labels to send everything back. She couldn't understand how this happened. Her baby's foot did not grow in five days! How could these shoes not fit. She couldn't figure it out.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Sarah was in need of a way to find her son new shoes. If the woman who innovated the comfortable shoe couldn’t find the right size and fit for her son, imagine what other busy parents were going through?

Finding kids shoes isn’t the problem, every designer brand has a mini-me version of their shoes. The real problem lies within getting the right fit. Every brand uses a different sizing system for every style. Your kid will never be the same size in every brand. 

The Solution

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KidSIZING was created in December 2015. After months of studies and research, the universal sizing system was ready. Soon after Sarah’s first shoe shopping experience with her son, she teamed up with one of the top kids shoe manufacturers in the country. By combining Sarah’s expertise in comfort footwear, with the manufacturers 25 years an effective and easy to use shoe-sizing system was created. Gone are the days when parents needed to order 3 different sizes of the same pair of shoes and go through the trouble of returning two, if not all, of the shoes that didn’t fit. With KidSIZING you are guaranteed to get the right fit every time. The breakthrough system allows you to measure your kid’s foot on the KidSIZING app, or by using a print out chart -absolutely free. 

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Aiden loves his new shoes :) 


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